AFA OS 3.93.2 and AROS MUI (zune) 0.97beta1

Date 18-Jul-2006 15:24:01
Topic: Software News

Here you can download it


picturedatatype crash fix on iconedit save as iff.But func not work because it use the selden used feature to save with datatype and this AROS picture datatype do not support.

Truetype text with textatribute italic is show now correct in italic.

no second afa_system.library is create.this save some memory

minimum stack is now increse from 4500 to 6000 bytes.

I want add picturedatatype save which is miss in AROS picture datatype.But i see in
RKM no example.maybe somebody can send me a exampleprog which show how this from
Applikation programmers side work


Zune for AFA OS 0.97beta1.(sources are in AFA OS 3.93.2)
screenshots of YAM Simple Mail apdf using zune is here

Scalos prefs dont work in zune if the library´s are not binary patched to open zune.library instead muimaster.library.

zune can work together with MUI.There is a zunePromoter commodity.
You can start in wbstartup and CTRl+shift+z open config window

Here you can add tasks that use zune.Note that Apps cant use zune if the stack size is below 30 kb.

This is a safeness feature to avoid that stack overflow happen and make the amiga instable.
when a program is promote to zune the call of the MUI menu opens the zune prefs.
here you can select a screenmode too.when the window title show zune -prefs for then you can select a screenmode.

when you select a screenmode in zuneprefs when global prefs is set.Each program use a own screen
(zune prefs too)

That changes take effects you must restart the program

For some classes i have the ok from the Authors to add this to the Zune install.
other classes are binary patched and copy in the install
to muidir/libs/zune/classname.zcc.If a message come that the class cant convert
you use a too old class in the muidir/libs/muiclassname.mui or muiclassname.mcp.

The versionnumber 0.97 is choose because zune miss 3 features.

1. all menuitems are always in choosable state draw.No ghostet Menu is possible
2. window postions can not store to prefsfile.They are only store as long the app run.
3. MUI notify keys dont work for example delete Key in simple Mail Yam dont work.
But System Keys for example cursor keys to scroll in lists or select a item work.

Help from (AROS) Developers that add this 3 features to zune is welcome.

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