Portable - AmigaE metacompiler initiative

Date 23-Jul-2006 22:22:04
Topic: hardware OS4

Its been some time now since Chris started working on something that could save AmigaE coders lots of time, effort and - whats most important - the language they know and use.

A new metacompiler was born - PortablE - that in theory was built to translate E into any other language (currently original E language and C++ are being worked out and should be supported).

PortablE may help us turn lots of E programs into the code that will later work on all of our platforms - this is a solution for the software that has grown too complicated and mature to be rewritten.

For those of you, who are interested in the project: you can download current beta release of portable here.

You can also join the AmigaE mailing list:


to help with the development.


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