MindSpace 0.9 Now Available

Date 28-Jul-2006 18:06:51
Topic: Software News

MindSpace 0.9 (an OS4 native MindMap/diagram thingy) has now been made available to all registered users and a new Demo uploaded to the MindSpace Website.

Don't forget that we have extended both the Competition deadline and the offer of reduced registration fee until the launch of MindSpace 1.0 later this Summer. See the website for details.

New features for 0.9 include:
- Use of Nodes to go from this to this in one click;
- Full range of arrow/shapes at ends of line and connectors (MindSpace is now almost useful!)
- Wide range of preferences, including option to use AISS for main toolbar. Thanks Mason!

And just in case you were wondering - here's the obligatory Troika mobo image

Hey Adam - any chance of a PV photo? I need to make a new drawing!

PS : If you're adding this news elsewhere, could you keep the link to the website's main page, and not link straight to the download please? It buggers up my statistics otherwise. Ta.

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