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Date 6-Aug-2006 23:08:56
Topic: Software News

As some of you might know if you have been reading the forums lately, file number One Thousand on OS4Depot, its creator will get 100 euro in credit.

After some consideration together with the OS4Depot maintainers, we've decided to make this a recurring event.

This is the deal; 100 euro is almost as much as 1000 Swedish Crowns - which is fitting since it was 1000 files. So, from now on when the upload counter reaches a certain number, the uploader will get the upload number as credit in the Guru Meditation webshop. The number will be decided by Guru Meditation

The numbers will in the future be kept a secret, so that no one uploads bogus files.

If anyone needs an example, here it is;

Once the counter reaches 1150, the person who uploaded file number 1150, will get 1150SEK to shop for. Should this person want to add his own money to the lot, that is fine. This could be quite some money once the file count starts to become high. Now, the number used here was just an example.

The only thing the credit does not cover, is the shipping cost.
We hope this will be an incentive to upload your OS4 creations to OS4Depot.

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