Various tools ported to AmigaOS OS4.0

Date 9-Aug-2006 9:45:53
Topic: hardware OS4

Someone has to do the boring work, so in my great quest for more AmigaOS 4.0 native files,
I dedicated last night to compile AmigaOS 4.0 native versions of the following extremely important tools

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AmigaDepack - used to depack various old Amiga formats, mostly for depacking modules, to make them playable on other platforms.

Afid - is a utility which allows you to manipulate an Apple ][ DOS 3.3 disk image.

c64bin2p00 - converts C64 binaries into the emu friendly .p00 format.

DCMtoATR - converts '.DCM' files produced by "DisComm" to emu friendly disk images.

MakeLNX - converts Atari Lynx (.lyx) rom files to the popular .lnx format for use with emus.

MultiCV - a tool to convert text files between win/mac/ami.

ShowLNX - a tool that displays header info from Lynx ROM files.

Sna2Tiff - converts ZX spectrum snapshots to Tiff images.

Zip2D64 - convert C64 zipcode archives to .D64 disk images for use with emus.

I feel like a Zombie now, Good Night! / Spot

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