Prerelease 2 of X-Window for OS4 (Cygnix)

Date 9-Aug-2006 20:13:15
Topic: Software News

On OS4-Depot you can download the second prerelease of the X-Window environment for AmigaOS 4.

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Download here:
x11.tgz (47 MB)
x11-addon.tgz (24 MB)

This are the most important changes:

* Contains a new bugfixed version of the native x-server. Additionally with a
new server called "Xnest" you can open a nested x-server window on the x-
server screen.

* Everything was recompiled, reorganized and a lot of bugs were fixed. This was
necessary for the SDK, which will be published soon.

* Some programs from the old package are now part of a new addon package. This
package also contains some new software:

- Xpaint: A simple drawing program.
- Xmorph: Morph and mix your pictures.
- wxLife: A implementation of the "Game of life".
- Xbomber: A bomber blaster clone.
- ...

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