Mac-On-Linux 0.9.68 released

Date 23-Mar-2003 18:30:46
Topic: Software News

The latest release of the Mac emulation software Mac-On-Linux (MOL) has been released. Read more for the list of changes.

  • Removable CD support (including Mac OS X CD booting)
  • MacOS X audio support
  • Significant performance enhancements (in particular for Mac OS X)
  • Support for XDGA fullscreen video
  • Asynchronous Mac OS block driver
  • Improved keyboard handling (no more "stuck" modifier keys)
  • Correct time in OS X
  • Nicer "no X11-video" window
  • CD-booting flag (startmol --cdboot)
  • Updated man pages
  • Various bug-fixes (yes... MacOS X 10.2.4 works)

An AmigaOne specific version of MacOnLinux for Debian and SUSE/YDL can be found at Ross Vumbaca's AmigaOne website.

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