Amiga Classic Back in the Spotlight: Cannon Fodder

Date 30-Aug-2006 22:53:10
Topic: Internet News

Codemasters have announced that a new version of Cannon Fodder is set for the PSP. The full story and screenshots can be found on IGN Entertainment.

IGN Entertainment


Reaction from Amiga gamers has been mixed. In Amiga Addicts Sanctuary, one gamer made the comment that “it looks great, it is still a 2D game but with 3D sprites... I really like it!” while Keith Hollis said, “I’m not against 3D remakes just because they’re 3D, but that doesn’t really look anything like Cannon Fodder”. Avanze probably summed up the feelings of many gamers when he said, “Bummer, it looks crap. Why try to fix something that is not broken?”

So, what do you think of the new 3D version of Cannon Fodder?

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