Pianeta Amiga 2006 - press release

Date 12-Sep-2006 11:38:54
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Empoli (Florence) - Italy - 12th September 2006.
Pianeta Amiga, one of the biggest events in Italy dedicated to the world of alternative computing, is pleased to announce an increasing number of important exhibitors, interesting conferences and new exclusive products that will be presented at the show.

About Pianeta Amiga
Pianeta Amiga is the biggest Amiga event in Italy, its tenth edition will be held on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th september 2006 in Palaesposizioni in Empoli (near Florence in Italy). All route information is available at the web site of Pianeta Amiga www.pianetaamiga.it

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Starting from exhibitors two important players have recently confirmed their their presence: Cloanto Italia Srl and Nicolas Mendoza, maintainer of Aminet Archives and other important websites like UtilityBase.com and PolarBoing.com. We are waiting for more confirmations in the next few days for other exhibitors that will join the already confirmed Alternative Holding Group, Soft3, Virtual Works, Bitplane and IKSNet.

Talking about the conferences planned for Saturday 23rd September, we will start at 11.00 AM with the official presentation of project "Samantha" then, at 2.00 PM the first Amiga Developer's Conference will start. After that the last conference will be the presentation and demonstration of the AVD Tools for AmigaOS4. Special closed sessions will be held for market operators only.

Many products will be presented and shown at Pianeta Amiga: the already mentioned and much anticipated "Samantha" project; AVD Tools for AmigaOS4: "Sputnik" the new browser for MorphOS; the latest betas of AmigaOS4 and issue 15 of Bitplane. Like for the exhibitors, we are waiting for more confirmation.

Please note that from Pianeta Amiga homepage (www.pianetaamiga.it) has been added a new section with hotels and restaurants informations to help you plan your stay in Empoli for both the 2 days of the show.

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