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Here is the fifth information release for AmiWest 2006, October 21, 2006.
Our webpage at is being updated with all the current
show information. We encourage you to visit our site to see the rest of
the current information.

Amiga Forever,

Sacramento Amiga Computer Club
AmiWest 2006 Committee


Last year, Steve Solie came to AmiWest to represent the Amiga Users Group
of Calgary, Canada and do some presentations on OS4. He's back this year
as one of our presenters. We thought you would like to know a little more
about Steve. Here are his answers to some questions we posed.

a) How did you come into the Amiga community?

I witnessed an A1000 running in a friend's house. I knew I must have one
then and there.

Now I have many Amigas but only three are actually in operation any longer:
Sabrina (A1-XE 7455), Tabitha (MicroA1-C 750FX) and Timmy (MicroA1-C

I've been more of a leech than a contributor. But with the advent of
AmigaOS 4.0 I've decided to become more actively involved. You'll find me
contributing at, and these days
as well as at my local users group

b) What was your previous experience with computers?

I've been coding since I first got a VIC-20 as a present. I have a
Bachelors in Applied Science (i.e. Engineering) with a specialization in
Electronic Information Systems. I'm no computer scientist but computers
are very important tools for me so I also learned how to program them for
fun and profit.

c) What is your present IT experience, including who you work for, in what
capacity, educational background, and other formal IT/computer science
training and/or coursework?

Currently a senior software designer at Nortel working on next generation
cell phone base stations. The kind of stuff that enables your cell phone
to send text messages, play movies, FTP files about, etc. I don't mess
with the mobiles themselves, I mess with the rest of the network.

I now have plenty of embedded systems experience with VxWorks and more
recently Linux running primarily on various custom PowerPC platforms all
networked together. I also have a few years of manufacturing experience
while implementing information systems for Nortel's circuit board
manufacturing facilities (now divested to Flextronics et al).

d) What is your experiences as an Amiga OS4 developement team member?

I'm currently an AmigaOS 4.0 beta tester and have been one since the first
OS4 images were sent for beta testing. It has been a long but interesting

e) Why is the Amiga your choice?

It's different. It is also more fluid (for lack of a better word) than
most. I can much more easily attain a state of flow with Amigas than with
other systems. Amigas do have their problems of course but I still prefer
to work on an Amiga (especially my A1-XE). When the Amiga falls short
(e.g. modern web browsing) I simply remote log into a Mac or a PC to do
that task. Ethernet is your friend. I don't believe in the
one-box-to-rule-them-all mentality. I prefer to network everything
together with each box doing what it does best.

f) Any other personal/professional/Amiga info you can think of that we
would like to know?

I'm also an audiophile when I find the time. I build loudspeakers as well
and plan to create a set of speakers this year for my home theatre setup.
I hope to get Bars & Pipes going again as well and play my Roland keyboard
a bit.

But right now all my time is going into my WW2 board game clone which I use
as a test bench for the latest and greatest programming techniques. With
now over 80,000 SLOC, it is a pretty good way to test out a lot of
programming ideas.

. . . I'm getting really excited about October already.

Things are looking up this year. I'm glad the show is in October as well
so we have time to see what Troika and ACK come up with.


It's time to get your tickets to become better acquainted with Steve at
AmiWest 2006. Where else in the U. S. could you meet and speak with
someone as close to the inside of Amiga development as you can at AmiWest?
Get your tickets now!

AmiWest 2006 will be October 21, 2006 at the

Clarion Hotel Cal Expo
2600 Auburn Blvd.
Sacramento California 95821

Reservations Phone 1-877-424-6423 toll-free (local 1-916-487-7600), (click the Clarion icon) and by snail-mail at the above

Please watch our website at for continuing news and
information regarding AmiWest 2006. We are on target for another improved
show! See you there!


So remember,

AmiWest 2006 is rolling! The facility is reserved and the vendors
are notified! Keep watching for these releases and tell everyone
that you know - the Amiga and the Amiga community is alive and


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