Guru Meditation sponsors Petunia development

Date 17-Sep-2006 1:08:34
Topic: Software News

Since the beginning of the Petunia development sometime late 2000, Álmos Rajnai has been using a classic Amiga to do the work. Every compilation has taken 10 minutes or more, but that is about to change.

Guru Meditation has donated an AmigaOne XE to the Petunia developer and further development will continue on this immensly more powerful platform. Compile times have been reduced to a 20th of the previous time.

Álmos Rajnai has promised to keep using the Amiga 4000 so that optimization to the code will be easier to spot. Developers, still testing their code on legacy hardware, will more easily spot where things are slow, has a better chance of producing optimized code.

Guru Meditation
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