Amiga Future takes over the Big Book of Amiga Hardware

Date 17-Sep-2006 21:54:37
Topic: Announcement

Because of personal reasons, Ian Chapman, the founder of the Big Book of Amiga Hardware, has given his seven years old compedium in new hands.

Amiga Future is proud to announce to become the new maintainer of the BBoAH. The compendium will be the same as known, but only a few optical adjustments.

In future, the BBoAH will further exist in two languages - english and german.

Unfortunately, Ian Chapman is not able to free the well known URL "" for the BBoAH in the Future. Because of this, the BBoAH ONLY can be reach at Please update your bookmarks!

The Amiga Future team also will work on, to open the (licensed) driver downloads page again, which have to be closed since end last year.

NOTICE: For submissions only use the following Email:

About Ian:

After nearly 8 years of running the Big Book of Amiga Hardware, I've decided it's time for me to retire from maintaining the site. The reasons are many and varied, but personal. The project started in January 1999 and since then has grown to be what it is today. This wouldn't have been possible without the hundreds of contributors that took their time to help out, many of who sent hundreds of photographs over the years.

Effective from today, The Big Book of Amiga Hardware will be officially maintained by 'Amiga Future' in conjunction with Mario Misic. Mario has maintained the German mirror for several years. They will continue to maintain the site in a similar style with some modifications but will hopefully be able to give the project more time than I could. In addition they hope to translate the entire site into German. Please give them your support.

The new official page is as I am unable (for practical reasons) to transfer the ownership of the domain. Please note, that this site ( will still remain available on the web but will not be updated. All submissions should now be sent to the email address Thanks again to everybody who has helped out.

"So long and thanks for all the fish."

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