Commander Multi-Purpose OS4 Screenblanker Module released

Date 18-Sep-2006 15:36:18
Topic: Software News

Commander 1.0 is out!

You can grab this "must-have" here.
Read more for features...

It's a multi-purpose OS4 Screenblanker module which features...

- Clock with standard and internet time
- Large font with color cycling
- ScreenMode selection
- Display update delay setting
- User-defined variable display
- User-defined command to launch when blanking
- User-defined command to launch when unblanking

What all this means is that whatever you want your screenblanker to do, like displaying a picture, slideshow, cartoon, crunching number or anything else, you can make it happen with "Commander, the master of all blankers!"

For example, setting the blanking command to:

C:RX 'ADDRESS AMIRC.1 SAY "Gone for a while..."

would send that message on the active IRC channel if you fall asleep or leave your Amiga unattended, and setting the unblanking command to:


would send that message when you return where you really belong, or hit the keyboard with your head...

Get it now, try the examples, and you'll wonder how you managed to get this far through life without it!

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