Hyperion Entertainment Official Statement

Date 20-Sep-2006 0:11:20
Topic: Announcement

Judging from some of the e-mails we received, the recent comments by the
Amiga Inc. management seem to have created confusion with respect to the
development and availability of Amiga OS 4.0.

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As managing partner of Hyperion Entertainment VOF, I would like to take
this opportunity to assure our customers that development of Amiga OS
4.0 is entirely in Hyperion's hand alone and that the Amiga OS 4.0
development team is proceeding very well indeed as may become obvious
during the upcoming shows in Italy and Sacramento, U.S.A.

There are no development hold-ups of any kind and we are in fact
anticipating an initial "final release candidate" by the end of 2006
provided suitable hardware is available for sale at that time. You may
recall the fact that Hyperion held back on the official release of Amiga
OS 4.0 in 2005 in order to have it coincide with the availability of
suitable target hardware.

Several third party hardware manufacturers have indicated that they are
working on a wide range of different suitable PPC hardware platforms. We
will leave it to them to communicate about these projects in due time.

This extra time has given the OS 4 development team the opportunity to
not only polish the final product even more but to incorporate very
substantial and modern functionality such as the new, extremely
reliable, modern and powerful memory subsystem in conjunction with new
yet to be revealed functionality.

We will specifically not comment on any legal issues as raised by Amiga
Inc. management as these matters are finally and at our explicit and
repeated request being handled by both parties' respective lawfirms and
we find it highly inappropriate to publically comment on these matters
in the meanwhile. Suffice it to say that some statements by Amiga Inc.
were clearly in contradiction with the views held by Hyperion's
attorneys both on a legal and on a factual level.

We thank you for your patience and the continued support of the Amiga OS
4.0 project which we are dedicated to complete as soon as possible.

Evert Carton
Managing partner

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