Pianeta Amiga 2006 - last update

Date 20-Sep-2006 23:06:07
Topic: Events

Empoli (Florence) - Italy - 21st September, 2006. This is (probably) the last update before the event that will take place this saturday!

This is the official planned scheduling for the Amiga Developer's Conference of Saturday 23rd September.
The conference will start at 12pm, local time (GMT+2). Please take note that this is one hour earlier than the previous announcement.

01:00pm: Introduction and welcome speech (Andrea Vallinotto)
01:30pm: Low level programming, kickstart modules and PCI interface (Andrea Vallinotto).
02:30pm: Cross-compiling with CygWin, GUI developing with Emperor (Andrea Palmatè)
03:00pm: High-level debugging under OS4, UtilityBase project page, porting examples, Amanith Framework (Nicolas Mendoza)
04:00pm: Integrated development with AVD (Dario Soccoli, Eliseo Bianchi.)
05:30pm: Final words

The conference will be held in english and italian.

At 05:30pm there will be an irc session with Thomas Frieden of Hyperion. The session will be hosted on:
server: irc.amigaworld.net
The session will be moderated by Andrea Palmatè

Pianeta Amiga will take place 23rd and 24th september 2006 (this weekend!) in Empoli (Florence) Italy at the Palaesposizioni building. Full details on our website www.pianetaamiga.it

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