Milky Tracker has found it's home!

Date 21-Sep-2006 13:42:46
Topic: Software News

...has finally found her way to the birthplatform of all trackers, the Amiga!
Milkytracker is a FastTrackerII/Protracker clone, but not just any clone,
you can run it on your PDA when you're traveling and on your Amiga when
you are at home, and on your PC when you are at work.

Download your free copy today!

While being 100% compatible to ProTracker and FastTrackerII the editor is the most advanced ever seen in a tracker on the Amiga. It imports lots of
formats for example MOD, XM and DMB, and it saves in the MOD and XM format. This is a highly anticipated app, and one of the bigger music apps
for AmigaOS 4.0 to date, so now have some fun! If you are new to tracking, don't be afraid to try it out, to make it easier for you we have made some
video tutorials available for download;

Basic Usage, Resonance,
Arpeggio, Drawing Drums, Harmonies, Leads,
Basic Chiptune, Sine Crafting, 9xx Commands.

Here is a starter sample pack to get you going quickly and here are some example tunes if you just want to chill with some tunes!

Now go create some stunning pieces! Signed:

Varthall / Up Rough, Henning Nielsen Lund and Spot / Up Rough.

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