Pianeta Amiga NEWSFLASH!

Date 22-Sep-2006 11:40:26
Topic: Events

Pianeta Amiga, Empoli, Italy - 22nd September

We are very pleased to announce that GuruMeditation has just confirmed that at Pianeta Amiga 2006 you'll be able to see the first prototypes of 2 boards developed by Troika: Amy'05 and Panda.
The boards are already in the hands of GuruMeditation and will be at Pianeta Amiga this weekend.

But the news are not over. For the duration of the whow you can buy from GuruMeditation the acclamated AudioEvolution for the special price of 75 euros.

See you at Pianeta Amiga!

Pianeta Amiga will be held 23rd and 24th september 2006 (this weekend!) in Empoli (Florence) Italy at the Palaesposizioni building. Full details on our website www.pianetaamiga.it

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