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Date 22-Sep-2006 12:42:48
Topic: Announcement

Empoli (Florence), Italy, September 15, 2006:

On September 23 and 24 at Palaesposizioni exhibition palace in Empoli, it will take place the 10th edition of Pianeta Amiga Show.

This is nearly an historic appointment for the italian scene of alternative information technology, but not only limited to Italy and not only limited to Amiga computers, because Pianeta Amiga exhibit it is continuously growing and expanding, due to presence of foreign visitors and exhibitors from all Europe.

The Pianeta Amiga event, it represents a place of rendez-vous for all amigans and users of various alternative platforms, and an aggregation point which is exclusive in the italian outline, and it is also a privileged launch pad platform for literally dozens of projects and products which continuously born and grew up in the sparkling world of alternative computing.

The appointment of this year truly represents a milestone for italian information technology, because during the event in Empoli it will take place the official presentation of a new computer, entirely designed, developed and manufactured in Italy.
This new motherboard will be capable to use wide part of Operating Systems created to run for Linux-like PPC based platforms, and it will also capable to run various other alternative Operating Systems that are widely used on the scene of I.T. world.

It was a long time since the moment that technology innovation left italian peninsula.
Now it was born again a new Hi-Tech challenge, and this is due to the efforts in co-operation and synergy lead by three dynamic italian firms: Alternative Holding Group Srl., Soft3 e Virtual Works, which started together a partnership in order to complete the first one of many projects, lots of these still in development and evolving.

The results of their co-operation it is a compact, versatile, and scalable motherboard based on PowerPC processor by IBM, which could be adapted to fit the needings of any niche in the market, and more, the motherboard is enhanced with innovative and decent characteristics.
All the features will be revealed during a conference that will take place on Saturday 23 September 2006 starting at 11:00 during Pianeta Amiga show.

Apart from this main event, during the "two days" exhibit in Empoli, it will be on schedule various conferences dedicated to developers, and it will be presented various other products.

Pianeta Amiga is sure an untipycal appointment, and from a certain point of view it could be considered truly "amazing" if considering the whole panoramic view of italian Information Technology.
It is an event in which to enjoy again the taste for the "genuine" information technology of the origins, a time in which passion, intuition and the genius of young people led I.T. towards unimaginable progress not tied only by the common rules of commerce and simple market logic. This progress completely renewed the idea of free commerce and expanded actual computer market to new frontiers, and it also brought quickly all mankind to enter the world of today and face the world of tomorrow.

About Pianeta Amiga:
Pianeta Amiga was born in 1997 from the intuition of Jasa Communication in Empoli.
The P.A. exhibit, during last years grew up to became nowadays a well known appointment in Europe, which can be considered unique if you could compare it with the entire category of exhibitions and annual shows it belongs to.

This year it occurs the tenth anniversary of this event, which deals mainly with alternative technologies and which makes of this technology the “key for its success".

For further infos and contacts you can easily visit its official homepage at site:

See you in Empoli 23 and 24 September 2006.


Jasa Communication
Alternative Holding Group
Virtual Works

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