Pianeta Amiga Show Reports

Date 26-Sep-2006 19:49:44
Topic: Events

News pulled from the Pianeta Amiga news-bits thread

1. Lecta (Stefano Guidetti): Considering everything else you have been involved in, wow! How did you find the time?

2. Amikit (Jan Zahurancik):If others were involved with this, please have them post so we can give them a round of applause.
Added:Thanks also to Prober!

3. Fabio Ferriccioli: Simply a "stunningly beautiful" presentation.

A big thank you to Varthall for consolidating these bits of information and relaying them to number6.

A tremendous amount of thanks to all of you involved in putting together this information so soon after the Pianeta Amiga show. It must have been a lot of work to do this, and we appreciate it greatly!

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