First Release of AOrgansier - Diary

Date 27-Sep-2006 9:47:34
Topic: Software News

The first release of the diary component of my new personal oraganiser project, is now available to download from os4depot.

The program is a "simple to use" diary styled after a traditioal paper diary, initialy conceived as a replacement for Digita Organiser (my copy which never worked on my A1).

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The project was started a couple of years ago, then stalled and was put on the back burner, but recently my A1200's hard drive has been sticking, require a tap ot or two with a screwdriver to get it started. This made it essential for me to get a diary / organiser program running on my AmigaOne.

In this release the diary is quite stable and functional, ( I trust it with my 'gig diary'), there are some graphical glitches in the GUI however, which I will hopefully fix soon.

In later releases I hope to fix the GUI issues, add address book functions, and extend the Arexx interface to include search functions.

Andy Broad

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