New Amiga web site: AmigaWeb.Net

Date 27-Sep-2006 21:40:22
Topic: Internet News

We are proud to announce first version of a new English web site dedicated to computing and Internet in general, and the Amiga in special.

The website is AmigaWeb.Net

Note: The AmigaWeb.Net website belongs to the community it serves, namely common people like us all, and especially to those having a curiousity towards the Amiga computing platform.

AmigaWeb.Net wants to embrace all hardware and software platforms being able to run AmigaOS and Amiga emulators as well, including:
Amiga Forever

...but the web site also wants to target general internet related news, and also have some news about special events / happenings / products that are of common interest for computer interested people.

We also run an IRC channel #AmigaWeb @ EFnet. You are most welcome!

User registration and forum is functionable and it is possible to register at the moment.

Still, progress is done in coding towards the version 1 of the site code, as we still consider the existing code to be in a beta version.

I have the honour of wishing all of my Amiga companions a warm welcome to the new site.

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