APC&TCP / Amiga Future: Movement To New Server Finished

Date 29-Sep-2006 15:50:50
Topic: Internet News

Due to a movement to a new server our homepages were only partly accessible the last days.

Unfortunately the onlineshop also was also nearly a week offline.

But now the switch to new servers has been completed and the Amiga Future page and all APC&TCP pages are accessible again.

Also the onlineshop is ready again.

Because of this there have been also failures in the processing of mails. If someone has put an order and hasn't received a confirmation mail please get in contact with us.

At this point we want to remind you that the switch of the BBoAH pages hasn't finished yet. Many users link directly to the German/English starting pages. Soon they won't exist anymore. The only valid domain is http://software.amigafuture.de.


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