FREE 512MB USB Flash Drive with purchase of SPIDER card!

Date 30-Sep-2006 2:09:40
Topic: Hardware News

Elbox Computer announces promotion for all SPIDER Hi-Speed USB 2.0 cards purchased in the Elbox Online Store between 30 September and 15 October 2006. With every SPIDER card purchased in the promotion period in the Elbox Online Store the end-user will receive a FREE 512MB Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Flash Drive enclosed with the SPIDER shipment.

About the SPIDER Hi-Speed USB 2.0 PCI card:

The SPIDER Hi-Speed USB 2.0 PCI card provides a simple and affordable way to add 5 Hi-Speed USB 2.0 ports to your computer. SPIDER is the most powerful USB controller for Amiga computers. The Hi-Speed USB 2.0 (EHCI) and USB 1.1 (OHCI) drivers for MEDIATOR PCI and AMITHLON systems are enclosed on the SpiderCD. These drivers work under control of the Poseidon USB stack for AmigaOS.

About USB Flash Drive:

The Flash Drive with Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface is a mobile storage device for storing and exchanging data of any type. It plugs straight into any USB port and is recognised by the computer as another hard drive. This key-size, shock-resistant universal device functions without external power supply and transfers data several times faster than a floppy drive. The Flash Drive memory can be re-written more than one million times and can keep the stored data for more than 10 years. The USB Flash Drive can be used as a personal, fast, portable storage device, which fits with the keychain or in the pocket. It is an excellent alternative to removable media drives for those who need to have their data at any place and at any time.

Order your SPIDER USB PCI card Now and get a gift: 512MB USB Flash Drive!

For offer details, see:
Special Offer page for customers from the European Union,
Special Offer page for customers from other countries.

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