AmiKit 1.2.2 UPDATE package available

Date 3-Oct-2006 0:53:10
Topic: Software News

AmiKit is a freeware compilation of more than 300 of the finest Amiga programs (free/shareware). To be brief, AmiKit is the way to experience a high-end Classic AmigaOS on your Windows system. Now, thanks to AmiKit Live Update feature, the content can be updated more often and easily.

Download and install full AmiKit 1.2.0 release and the Live Update program updates your installation to the latest version.

Recent changes:
AmiKit 1.2.2 update (03-Oct-2006):

- ADDED: EaglePlayer replayers (Musicline 4/8V, NoiseTracker, Protracker, TFMX) by Wanted Team (Don Adan)
- UPDATED: AfA_OS 3.94
- UPDATED: AmiKit - Live Update 1.1 (now waits 3s before rebooting to ensure the downloaded file has been completely saved)
- UPDATED: AmiKit - ScreenMode AmiKit 1.2 (workaround for possible incompatibility of 1280x800 screenmode)
- UPDATED: AmigAIM 0.9455
- UPDATED: PlayOGG 5.1
- FIXED: AmigaAMP 68k-Emu engine should work again. It was overwritten by WarpUp version in previous AmiKit update by mistake.

AmiKit 1.2.1 update (24-Sep-2006):
The Pianeta Amiga update

- UPDATED: akPNG Datatype 45.52
- UPDATED: AmigaAMP 2.17
- UPDATED: PlayOGG 4.8

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