New Version of Wookiechat Available.

Date 3-Oct-2006 10:40:08
Topic: Software News

Amiga user/programmer James Carroll has released an updated version of Wookiechat the Amiga's premier IRC Chat client, which is easy to configure and use almost straight out of the archive.

Wookiechat is available in Amiga OS3.x and New AmigaOS4 Versions.

Click here to download the latest beta version (2.4)

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The Change log in his own words...

I've just uploaded beta 5.. The server password support was broken with the new changes in beta 4 (released yesterday). I've attempted to fix it, but I really need people to test this for me because I dont know any password protected servers.

I'd appreciate it if people could test it in the following ways: 1. connect to server, 2. connect in new tab, and 3. see if it works with automatically connect on startup.

The password is masked out with * characters for better privacy, but the password is not encrypted in the servers.txt file unfortunately.

Thanks guys!

BTW, these beta archives are just executables + catalog files. You should really install the full WookieChat package from and then copy the beta exe's to the directory afterwards.

Changes in 2.4 so far:

* Automatic reconnection when disconnected from a server. Configurable
delay inbetween reconnection attempts, and maximum number of retrys

* Added an ignore function and a nice GUI for it. This ignore function
supports wildcards and can optionally ignore Text/CTCP/DCC

* You can now choose to automatically connect to servers upon startup, and
the server selection window can be hidden since it isnt required

* Channel names displayed in the listview can be joined by double clicking
on them

* Wookie no longer removes leading spaces from outgoing text. This is quite
useful when pasting programming source code in dev channels and you want
to keep the indentation for readability

* Added an edit button for Command Aliases, and improved the Alias display

* When transferring tiny files within 1 second, the entry in the dcc windows
are no longer stuck on "transferring" and are now able to be removed from
the list

* Outgoing DCC RESUME seems to be working better

* Previously, you couldnt copy text to the clipboard when text was being added
to the channel display. I made it pause while selecting text, but internal
functions were preventing text from being copied to the clipboard when you
let go of the mouse button. I have now corrected this. So its now possible
to copy text to the clipboard in a busy channel.

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