AmiATLAS Status Report

Date 3-Oct-2006 16:59:06
Topic: Software News

At the moment a complete rework/update of the different travel guides is in progress. Further there is an extension of the information about parks with better maps for a more precise route calculation. Of course the emphasis lies on the German map because of the much higher demand. The network of streets is uptodate including recently opened highway sections.

If someone wishes his residence to be included (even the smallest places!) in the map just write a mail with the name of the location, Geo-coordinates and information on the street connections (description and the exact distance to other locations).

As always we are searching for helpers for data entering! Lists of coordinates are always welcome... Alternatively also helpers for the entering of the data into the maps themself.

There are also possibilities for the view and print od data in various formats like HTML or PDF instead of AmigaGuide.

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