WinAros help tool StartWinAros.

Date 9-Oct-2006 18:33:20
Topic: Software News

StartWinAros is a program that helps you to transfer files from windows to Aros (WinAros / qemu) in an fast and easy way.
All you have to do is to select two directories:

The directory that contains your files for Aros.
The directory that contains your WinAros installation.

After that you just click one Button.

StartWinAros, then creates an ISO file that contains your files for Aros and immediately starts WinAros, with the new ISO file mounted as CDROM.

StartWinAros only works with the recent WinAros Version. Older Versions will not start automatically, but you can of course use the resulting ISO file.
The same goes for the Virtual PC Version of WinAros.

StartWinAros comes with a windows typical Install / Uninstall Program.



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