Dutch Commodore group organizes Retro Game and Computer Show

Date 10-Oct-2006 9:19:34
Topic: Events

The reservation of our Retro Game and Computer Show on october 21st is closed now. We have a lot of participants, like some Computer Museums and a lot of collectors. We will have Nintendo, Coleco, Atari, Sega, MSX and lots and lots more special computers and games. There will be very rare and special (game)computers present. Visitors are allowed to play with a few computers and our own members will show also the most special things.

Off course there will be a great amount of Commodore and Amiga computers. So we will have a exhibition of a Commodore 65, a golden C64, a VIC1001, the Xtreme C= logo and many more. For a list of most computers that will be present you can watch on the 21st october party page: http://commodore-gg.hobby.nl/oct21.htm or click on the retro banner on the index page.

Entrance is a usual for free and it will be a historic day at the Trefpunt, Maarssen, Holland this time!

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