SDK Browser v1.6.0.0 - FREEWARE Update now available.

Date 10-Oct-2006 15:29:01
Topic: Software News

A critical update to the standalone FREEWARE version of the
SDK Browser application has now been released for use by everyone.
The SDK Browser v1.6.0.0 FREEWARE release contains important bug
fixes over the v1.5.0.0 release as well as a few minor improvements,
and is a highly recommended upgrade for everyone using the
FREEWARE version.

Download it today: SDK Browser v1.6.0.0 FREEWARE

Changes in v1.6.0.0:

o Critical long standing bug fix, which would often leave a garbage character
or two at the very end of a displayed file under AmigaOS4(tm) - Update 4,
and would cause a complete system lock under the OS4 Beta, has been fixed.

o There were cases in v1.5.0.0 (and possibly earlier versions) where a
public screen lock that was used to obtain information about the screen
to open up on, was not being released. This would often cause Workbench
screen changes (like with the ScreenMode prefs) to be blocked and unable
to make live changes without rebooting and *not* running the SDK Browser.
Happily, this too has been resolved.

o Some improved filtering was added to help prevent duplicate entries from
being added to the History browser. In v1.5.0.0 a new History item was
added to the list every time you selected an item from the listbrowser,
even if you were just expanding a collapsed tree-view item (like a library
or function). So if you clicked 20 times on the same item you would end
up with a list of 20 identical items in the History list. Now, in version only one entry will be added to the end of the list for that displayed
file, no matter how many times you may reselect it.

Best Regards,

Jamie Krueger
BITbyBIT Software Group LLC

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