WinUAE (1.3.3) released

Date 4-Nov-2006 23:41:36
Topic: Software News

Toni Willen has released the latest update to the well known Amiga emulation WinUAE.

For a list of changes read on....

Thing added to 1.3.3 include:
  • big E-UAE merge, cleanups, optimizations etc..

Bugs fixed:

  • Reboot loop if RTG RAM without Z3 RAM enabled (1.3.2 bug)
  • Hardfile TD_GETGEOMETRY buffer overflow fix
  • RDB emulation failed to mount partition(s) if RDB had one or more not needed filesystems and required FS was in ROM.
  • Selecting "Mousehack mouse" crashed if HD emulation was not enabled.
  • "Genlock connected" GUI checkbox fixed (1.3.2 bug)
  • Clicking eject in GUI and immediately selecting another floppy image enables delayed insert instead of immediately inserting the image.
  • Input panel key mapped to reverted back to its default mapping after saving and loading the configuration.
  • Directory filesystem Windows flag-AmigaOS flag handling fixes.
  • Bsdsocket.library Remote Desktop compatibility fix.
  • Dual core directory filesystem freeze workaround
  • Some minor blitter timing and CIA emulation fixes.
  • Stereo sound channel swap setting stored in configuration.

Major new features:

  • Lightpen/lightgun emulation.
  • Built-in 7zip decompression support.
  • Unrar.dll rar archive decompression support.
  • Sound emulation partially rewritten, better latency, possible fix for scratchy sound on some systems. Sound emulation will be automatically disabled when emulated audio subsystem is idle. Audio status led implemented.
  • Better DMS error handling, encrypted DMS files are transparently decrypted.
  • bsdsocket.library ReleaseCopyOfSocket() implemented (AmiVNC fixed)
  • Improved AF rom.key support.
  • ProWizard module ripper updated to latest version.
  • 100% accurate sound emulation mode does not cause huge CPU usage anymore with specific games, for example Paradroid 90 and Rambo 3.
  • Automatic direct IO Catweasel MK4 support if no Windows driver installed, CWMK4 can now be used under 64-bit Windows XP. TVicPort direct io driver required.

Click link to download the Installer version.
Click link to download the ZIP version.

All information and help can be found on the official WinUAE website.

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