A.D.A turns 5 today

Date 11-Nov-2006 11:55:03
Topic: Internet News

Just a quick reminder that Amiga Demoscene Archive is 5 years old today and still frequently updated. On 11 november 2001, we put the first version of A.D.A online. What started as a "I want to learn how to make a website" exercise, grew into quite a big project over the years.

A.D.A. now features 562 demos and 5960 screenshots.

In the last weeks, a lot of good demos were added:

Read on for more!-Mod's Note

- Arla / Loonies
- Human Target / Melon Dezign
- Batman Vuelve / Batman Group
- Cuzco / Oxygene
- Glow / The Black Lotus
- Rampage / The electronic knights
- Shiva / Lamers
- Total destruction / Crionics
- Bananamen / Stellar
- Perspiration / Efreet

Planet Potion / Potion is still number one at the charts, followed by Starstruck / The Black Lotus and Nexus 7 / Andromeda.

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