Aminet: Download statistics available

Date 13-Nov-2006 16:03:30
Topic: Internet News

Aminet now features download statistics: download charts for both the current month aswell as an all time top 50 are now available at our stats page - the current leader may actually come as a surprise to most of you. Additionally, each package overview page now lists the number of downloads for the actual package (Example). All HTTP-Downloads from all of the Aminet mirrors are considered when creating the statistics.

A note to uploaders: If you replace an existing package with a new upload with the exact same name, the download statistics for your package will not be resetted - e.g. if you upload disk/misc/foo.lha to replace an existing, older version of disk/misc/foo.lha, the download counter will be preserved. In all other cases - like uploading foo-1.1.lha replacing foo-1.0.lha - the download counter will be set to zero again. Note that using version numbers or similar indicators in filenames is not recommended anyway.

In addition to the current month's top uploaders, the stats page also features an all time uploader chart now.

While we're at it, we would like to welcome to our pool of mirrors. This Aminet veteran is finally back online and now sports a full mirror, which means that Aminet now consists of eight active servers - with more coming up soon.

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