Amiga Future Is Getting 8 Years Old

Date 17-Nov-2006 10:00:34
Topic: Miscellaneous News

This month the Amiga Future is getting 8 years old. Enough reason for us to celebrate a little. Most users thought eight years ago that we would survive only some months.

In November/December 1998 we came into agreement with the publisher ICP and the first issue of the Amiga Future went into print.

Because of distributional reasons the Amiga Future was published as a special and the first issue had the number 11 instead of 1.

The Amiga Future was released with a cover CD every two months from the beginning.

Beginning with issue 27 the editorial office got completely independent. All articles were self-written and layouted. Furthermore the whole distribution was taken.

In the meantime issue 63 was released and we already work on the next issue of the Amiga Future.

In the next weeks we are going to start some nice little promotions on the Amiga Future homepage and there will be some bigger changes.

It starts with a very special offer for all fans of the Amiga Future cover CD.

You can find the anniversary offer "16 Amiga Future CDs for just 2,50 Euro" directly on the starting page of our shop. The offer is temporary.

You can buy verious older issues in our onlineshop starting with just 1 Euro.

At this point I would like to thank all editors, companys and users who helped us with the making of the Amiga Future and of course all readers of the Amiga Future.

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