New Entries on the Amiga Games That Weren't website

Date 24-Nov-2006 9:42:56
Topic: Internet News

The Amiga Games That Weren't website is a project created to resurrect unreleased games and bring them into the community. Their latest entries are bound to excite interest as they examine the early games from Adrian Cummings of Mutation Software.

Amiga Games That Weren't website

One of the early games from Adrian Cummings was Vac-Suit Jack, a very distinctive Mutation game with the familiar style of graphics and fun feel. This fun platform game was close to completion and so a playable demo is available from the website. Another unreleased game was Acradia, which is an example of the embryo of a late 80s blaster when gamers wanted R-Type style shoot'em ups. Unfortunately, only a running preview was prepared for potential publishers and so development of the title did not progress.

The AGTW team also managed to contact another coder from the heyday of Amiga gaming - Andrew Crowe. He was working on Blast Squad, a Bomberman clone which features all the elements you might reasonably expect in a game of this kind. Thankfully Andrew Crowe kept his work on the project and so he has produced a special version of this Bomberman clone. The game is best played in multiplayer mode.

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