WookieChat 2.4 released

Date 30-Nov-2006 9:13:51
Topic: Software News

WookieChat 2.4 ready.. the best wookie ever!

The installer script is back. It provides an easy way of upgrading while retaining settings. It even caters for MorphOS users by installing the OS3.x binary and MorphOS native MUI classes.

A few new languages are now supported. The complete list is:
deutsch, english, espa˝ol, franšais, greek, italiano, norsk, polski, svenska

What does this program do?

It allows you to connect to Internet Relay Chat networks (IRC!) and chat
with other users in a text medium in real-time. Some of the server groups
are preconfigured to join an Amiga chat channel upon sucessful connection.

Changes 2.4

- Added a scrollbar to the Server List window
- Automatic reconnection when disconnected from a server. Configurable delay in between reconnection attempts, and maximum number of retrys
- Added an ignore function and a nice GUI for it. This ignore function supports wildcards and can optionally ignore Text/CTCP/DCC
- You can now choose to automatically connect to servers upon startup, and the server selection window can be hidden since it isnt required
- Channel names displayed in the listview can be joined by double clicking on them
- Wookie no longer removes leading spaces from outgoing text. This is quite useful when pasting programming source code in dev channels and you want to keep the indentation for readability
- Added an edit button for Command Aliases, and improved the Alias display
- The "Seconds idle" and "sign on time" information in a /whois request is displayed nicely now. The idle time is now displayed in days/hrs/mins/secs instead of just seconds. "59023 seconds" style idle times were annoying to work out!
- When opening tabs, WookieChat will check the size of the logfile, and if its over a certain limit, it will rename the logfile with the date appended to the end of the filename, and start logging in a fresh empty file. This feature can be configured and turned on/off.
- Added a three column display for Channel List's (obtained using /list), and channels are able to be joined by double clicking on their name. URL's in topics in the List are able to be double clicked too.
- Added a horizontal scrollbar to the Channel List tabs, so you can read long topics (accessed with /list)
- Added Clone detection. Can be switched on and off easily. This will detect if there are people who are logged in more than once from the same address
- /topic by itself will now display the current topic for the current channel, but "/topic text" will still change the topic if you have the correct privelleges.
- The /clear command is back! /flush will also do the same thing.
- Although there are configurable command aliases, I've added some built in aliases. "/j" to "/join", "/p" to "/part", and "/m" to "/msg"
- Fixed: The Window title wasnt specifying the right server name when on multiple servers and viewing the root server tabs
- Fixed: Previously, you couldnt copy text to the clipboard when text was being added to the channel display. I made it pause while selecting text, but internal functions were preventing text from being copied to the clipboard when you let go of the mouse button. I have now corrected this. So its now possible to copy text to the clipboard in a busy channel.
- Fixed: the server password functionality works
- Fixed: Tried to fix up the activity coloured squares. They were changing colour wrongly. When it goes green (to show that your nick has been typed) it shouldnt go red or blue sometime later, because thats a lower activity level.
- Fixed: When you have a private tab open to someone, the coloured activity square in the button no longer disappears when the person changes their nick
- Fixed: When transferring tiny files within 1 second, the entry in the dcc windows are no longer stuck on "transferring" and are now able to be removed from the list
- Fixed: Outgoing DCC RESUME seems to be working better
- Fixed: I commented out the pop pen notifys when I was attempting to make the Colour support less f*cked. I've readded them, so the colour buttons will actually change colour when you change them now.
- Fixed: Improved the pen handling slightly. The pens are ####ing up much less (or not at all) when you run Wookiechat on its own screen and use iconify
- Fixed: "Connect in new tab" doesnt crash anymore if you click without first choosing a server
- Fixed: Highlight can be triggered with Action messages now
- Fixed: Outgoing DCC CHAT not displaying incoming text from the other user
- Fixed: Multiple DCC CHAT requests from the same person werent being cleaned up properly and were causing 100% cpu usage when connections were closed
- Fixed: a buffer used for processing DCC CHAT was too small and was writing outside its space!
- Fixed: If someone changed a channel mode in channel 1, while you were currently viewing channel 2, wookie would attempt to make an identical change in channel 2. Note: It wouldnt do any harm if you didnt have ops in channel 2. The mode gadgets have always been fundamentally broken, but it should work good now.
- Fixed: Removed a Denial of Service bug. Highlight floods cant freeze you now. And the sample loading is more efficient and better for slow machines (it doesnt attempt to load the sound sample each time the highlight is triggered. Only on startup and when then settings are changed).
- Fixed: Lines in Connect scripts that didnt end with a newline had their last character removed. So "/join #amiga" became "/join #amig". Lines do not have to end with a newline anymore.
- Fixed: All unclosed logfiles for tabs are closed when WookieChat exits now
- Fixed: Memory got trashed when parting channels. I've redone about 5-6 lines of code that was written quite a long time ago when I was still learning C.

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