Updated 2.6.8 AmigaOne Linux kernel.

Date 7-Dec-2006 10:03:19
Topic: hardware OS4

An updated 2.6.8 AmigaOne Linux kernel is available at amigaone-linux.sourceforge.net together with a patch for the 2.6.8 Debian sarge kernel source package.

Changes in this release:

- Highmem support is working:
You can remove the memory limit in U-boot now.
- EHCI support removed:
The EHCI driver doesn't work on the AmigaOne due to the non coherent cache DMA workaround and I was to lazy to backport a workaround which was contributed by Marcus Comstedt. Many thanks to him for this patch!
- DRI graphics drivers removed:
These drivers were removed, thus you can enable the glx extension of the X server again.
- ISA bridge tweaks:
Recently I experienced problems with USB on my A1, too. Therefore I tried to weak the settings of the VIA southbridge (to match the settings done by OS4). This seems to help a little bit, but after some time the system locks up again. I'm still not sure what the real problem is, but I guess it's either the unfixed CPU bug or an interrupt problem.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a response from the (responsible) OS4 developer(s), so I can't really do anything about this. (I remember sg2 writing about a software problem with the i8259 PIC. I would be grateful, if he could enlighten me!)

An updated 2.6.16.x kernel package will follow around the 16th of December (hopefully). It will also include a working EHCI and PC speaker driver.

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