MindSpace 0.94 Now Available

Date 9-Dec-2006 20:40:35
Topic: Software News

MindSpace 0.94 (an OS4 native MindMap/diagram thingy) has now been made available to all registered users and a new Demo version uploaded to the MindSpace website.

Don't forget that we have extended both the Competition deadline and the offer of reduced registration fee until the launch of MindSpace 1.0. See the website for details.

New features since the previous Demo version (back in July) include:
- Loads more shapes useful for UML and ER diagrams
- User MSOs: just in case the shape you need isn't there - you can very easily create it yourself and add it to the interface. MindSpace even knocks up a quick icon for you.
- Improved svg, png and pdf output (registered users only)
- Improved text and html output (registered users only)
- More keyboard shortcuts
- Usual plethora of tidying up, bugfixes etc

And just in case you'd forgotten about it - here's the obligatory Troika motherboard image.

PS : If you're adding this news elsewhere, could you keep the link to the website's main page, and not link straight to the download please? It buggers up my statistics otherwise. Ta.

PPS : Sorry folks, the 68k version is postponed for the moment. I'm currently commuting 4hrs per day to and from work, so only just about have time to work on the OS4 version. Let me know how big demand is for a 68k version and I'll get back to it once 1.0 is released for OS4.

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