TuneNet Update (V0.84)

Date 14-Dec-2006 7:46:46
Topic: Announcement

A new version of TuneNet has been released to OS4 Depot

Some highlights of this release include:

Mod Note:

* Improved CLI commands to be able to control TuneNet from 3rd party apps.
(allowing you to make full use of Multimedia keyboards etc..)
* MP3 file streaming straight from the web.
(play instantly without downloading the file first)
* Improved plugin API and new AIFF encoder.
* Instant search as you type, arrow key and mouse wheel support.
* Bug fixes to viusals in Dock only or CLI mode.
* Additional titles within listviews.
* Shuffle play, volume boost, more stations, better quality recording...
and more!...

Some plugins will require an update with this release (also available
from OS4 depoy).

Enjoy and Seasonal greetings!

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