The wait is over, Total Amiga 25 is on its way

Date 19-Dec-2006 13:27:08
Topic: Announcement

Finally, just in time for Christmas, a new issue of Total Amiga is on its way to the subscribers.
It was a close run thing but the printing went as expected, and we made it in time :)

The issue has been sent by first class mail to the subscribers within the UK, so they should receive it before Christmas.

Total Amiga is happy to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with a brand new issue, number 25.

Some of the highlights in issue 25 are:

Interviews with Jens Schoenfeld (Individual Computers) and Marcin Kwiatkowski (the author of Sputnik).

Hardware articles on the new PPC motherboards Efika 5K2 and SAM440EP, aimed towards both AmigaOS4 and MorphOS.

A show report from Amiga Big Bash 4.

Reviews of E.S Productions Animation DVD, SnowBros, Desert Racing of Bardos and AmiDiction.

Previews of Ignition, Mindspace and AmiDiction.

Tutorials on ImageFX "Cool Effects" and Distributed Make.

A roundup of the news since the last issue.

Retrospective - Amiga retro and collecting feature,part 1.

And more...

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