3 Year Anniversay of the Belgian Amiga Club - meeting 13 January

Date 20-Dec-2006 10:44:39
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24 December 2003 om 17:14:26 uur

That's when our counter started counting...... So not only do we have the birthday of Jesus but also the Belgian Amiga Club . And this will be celebrated on the 13th of January together with our first club meeting of 2007.

The Three Kings bring with them the following presents:

-Pieter Van Den Abeele who is sent over by BBRV-Genesi to show the power of Efika. (thnx again BBRV). For the ones who wonder: No he is not a blue troll, this the info I got from BBRV:
Pieter is one of the Gentoo PowerPC Founders and to this day is a Leader of that Community. He is also the person that developed the award winning Home Media System that won the FTF Best of Show in 2005.


-AmigaOne's and some Pegasos are here to see ... as ALWAYS. And if your lucky, most of the times there is someone here from Hyperion to answer questions.

-Some nice things to win in our classic gaming contest. Last year it was a DVDwriter, an OS4-game and t-shirts handed out by Hyperion and a bottle of champagne. So this year it will be similar... but I will keep the exact details as a surprise.

-Speaking of champagne... every New Year has to begin with some, so believe me, you wont stay thirsty for long.

So, if you are not too far from us ( look @ http://users.pandora.be/amigaone/amigaclub/route.html ) I would like to extend the invitation for you to visit and celebrate with us!

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