DvPlayer v0.58 Released

Date 22-Dec-2006 16:06:21
Topic: Software News

A new version of DvPlayer is now available on the DvPlayer Website

- Added support for OpenDML AVI files

- Fixed and improved overlay support with fullscreen overlay mode, improved
speed, triplebuffering (requires AOS4.0 final), aspect ratio correction,
overlay is now used by default if available

- Fixed problem with MS-ADPCM audio (also requires avcodec.library 51.45)

- Added multiple charset support for subtitles (DvPlayer will use the char
set you have configured in your preferences)

- Fixed a bug in window mode which caused a slowdown, now window playback is
about 10% faster

- Further improved AVI support and added workarounds for more buggy AVI files

- Disabling Audio Boost now halves the volume instead of saturating to 100%

- Screenblanker is now also allowed while a movie is paused

- Added Mousewheel volume adjustment

- Added DTS audio support for AVI files

- Added Movie Information window (available in the Control menu)

- Added window resize gadget possibility (new gadget ID defined for skin files)

- Added custom pointer when mouse is moved over the window resize gadget

- Bringing up the menu now temporarily pauses movie playback. Also mouse is
temporarily turned on in fullscreen when the menu is invoked

- Many more bugfixes and improvements (subtitle bug fixes, I/O plugin support
fixes/improvements, etc.)

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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