New Software Sampler "Phonolith" Prerelease 0.3, Horny MIDI Sequencer Update 1.2

Date 25-Dec-2006 17:19:52
Topic: Software News

Inutilis Software relaunched its website with some new products:

Phonolith is a software instrument for AmigaOS 4.x, which plays sampled waveforms. It's usable with Horny and other CAMD based sequencers, or just a connected MIDI keyboard.

Horny is a midi sequencer for OS 3.5-9 and OS 4.x in the style of e.g. "Logic®" or "Cubase®". Its focus is on easy and uncomplicated usage.

In addition to this, I uploaded many old games, I created with AMOS many years ago.

Read more for details and visit


Features (Version 0.3)

* receives MIDI notes through camd.library
* mixer unit with volume controls
* 16 different instruments at once
* ADSR amp envelope for each instrument
* unlimited number of samples for each instrument, for key and velocity ranges
* supports AIFF (16 bit) sample format
* imports Logic EXS24 instruments (only from Macintosh (PPC?))
* ReAction GUI

Planned for 1.0

* downmixing to AIFF file (not for lite version)
* mixer unit with panning controls and peak meters
* WAVE sample support
* better EXS24 import (Intel format...)
* connection to Horny for automatic project loading


Features (Version 1.2)


* Up to 16 midi ports usable with CAMD (Lite: 1 port)
* Up to 128 tracks (Lite: 16 tracks)
* Signature and tempo changes inside songs possible
* Midi mixer: VU meter, volume, pan, 6 more (Lite: 3) chooseable controller
* Automation of all mixer parameters direct in tracks
* SysEx manager with as many sort groups as you like
* Controller transformer e.g. for controlling volume with modulation wheel
* eXtream Sync support for synchronizing with AudioEvolution 4 and other software


* Piano Editor: Quantizing (with triplet support), velocity compressor,...
* Controller Editor: Compressor, reducing, smoothing,...
* Multiple undo/redo in piano/controller editor
* Position marker in arranger window
* Complete overview of projects in arranger window
* Sound selection with names (not only GeneralMidi, but able to extend for any synthesizers)
* Midi controllers are named for any supported synthesizers as well


* SMF import and export
* Horny file format is up- and downwards compatible
* Autoload project for your own templates
* SysEx files import and export in SysEx Manager

User Interface

* ReAction GUI at setting windows
* On Workbench or own screen
* Arranger window can be used as background (backdrop)
* locale.library support: Up to now german and english
* Some GUI elements are 24 bit graphics (PNG files)
* Mouse wheel support for scrolling in editors (OS4 and NewMouse)

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