Update of the Amiga Games List

Date 5-Jan-2007 21:55:25
Topic: Software News

The Amiga Games List (http://obligement.free.fr/articles/listejeuxamiga.php) has been updated today.
This list, which is the biggest available on the Internet, have now 11535 entries !

Futhermore, here the main changes since the last edition :

- Addition of the statistics page.
- Addition of the "Size" column.
- Addition of the "Edit" column (you can see if a game have an level editor or not).
- The column "Réalisé en" is renamed "Langage(s)".
- In the "Langage(s)" column, addition of games created with MUI, Reaction, C++, BCPL, Freescape, AGOS, SAGA, Gob, Kyra, Queen, Cinematique evo1, Virtual Theatre, F Basic and JForth.
- In the "Licence" column, addition of the giftware and uDevGame licence.

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