Version 0.31 of SimpleMail released

Date 5-Feb-2007 16:24:05
Topic: Software News

A new version of SimpleMail has been released:
Simplemail Homepage

The changes are:

* Replaced the usage of the NList class by the mail list with the usage of a custom list. It should act like NList, but switching through folders should be a lot of faster now. Also it allows further improvments to the mail list. The new SIMPLEMAIL_OLDMAILLIST environment variable can be used to stick to the NList class usage. (bgol, sba)
* New config option "Folder to display at startup" (bgol)
* Filter improved (bgol)
* Double buffering of simplehtml engine can be disabled via SIMPLEHTML_NODOUBLEBUFFER environment variable.
* Minor fixes in the simplehtml engine.

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