Prerelease 3 of Cygnix available

Date 8-Feb-2007 18:53:39
Topic: Software News

The third prerelase of the X-Window environment Cygnix is now available on OS4-depot.

This are the most important changes:

* Support for GTK 2 and some related libraries. GTK 1 and 2 has now a working localisation.

* New window manager Enlightenment. Supports themes, virtual desktops, is highly configurable
and much more...

* Soundserver Esound from the gnome project for audio support.

* A documentation in amigaguide format.

* Everything is now PPC native. The GeekGadgets drawer was removed.

* The unix shell abc-shell is now included (Thanks to Henning Nielsen Lund!)

* Bugfixes.

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