MindSpace 0.96a now available

Date 13-Feb-2007 1:08:22
Topic: Software News

MindSpace 0.96a (an OS4 native MindMap/diagram thingy) has now been made available to all registered users and a new Demo version uploaded to the MindSpace website.

Don't forget that we have extended both the Competition deadline and the offer of reduced registration fee until the launch of MindSpace 1.0. See the website for details.

New features since the previous Demo version (back in early December) include:
- Save and Load userMSOs: create your own interface
- Improved rendering
- Flip/double and half objects
- Group objects
- Rewritten and improved Undo/Redo
- More keyboard shortcuts
- Usual plethora of tidying up, bugfixes etc

Read this thread for more info and links to some very ancient screenshots.

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