AmiKit 1.3.0 - Now with PNG, dual PNG and OS4 icon support!

Date 21-Feb-2007 16:48:00
Topic: Software News

We are very proud to announce the AmiKit now supports modern icon formats. This is the first time the OS3.x based environment is able to show and use PNG, dual PNG and OS4 icons. Moreover, Directory Opus Magellan II (included in AmiKit) is able to use them too, finally! Look at the screenshots!

This is a significant accomplishment since Magellan users haven't even been able to display PNG icons to this point. All this would not be possible without the magic work of Bernd Roesch and his excellent AfA_OS project. Also big thanks to Ken Lester, a devoted AfA & AmiKit beta tester, who painted dual PNG icons for AmiKit and gave it a more modern look.

NOTE: A separate AfA_OS archive providing the same new features for non AmiKit users will be available on Bernd’s website shortly.

AmiKit is a free compilation of more than 300 of the finest Amiga programs (free/shareware). In short, AmiKit is a way to experience a high-end Classic AmigaOS on your Windows system. Now, thanks to AmiKit Live Update feature, the content is updated automatically!

AmiKit is available as a Windows executable installer and only requires a source of copyright AmigaOS files (eg. AmigaOS3.9 CD) and a kickstart ROM v3.1. The installation process is fully automated. Simply download and install AmiKit 1.2.0 and enjoy the high-end classic Amiga system on your computer. With the Live Update feature you always stay up-to-date.

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Questions, bugreports and new ideas are welcome at AmiKit Support Forum.

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