New Search Engine, iAMIGA.

Date 24-Feb-2007 23:41:40
Topic: Internet News

Hi all, check out my NEW Search Engine, iAMIGA.
-Maybe some of you remenber my old "Google X" clone, that was called iAMIGA too.
That Search Engine will never come out of beta-state, because the GUI is copyrighted.

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My ALL NEW Search Engine hasn't as much eye-candy yet, BUT the engine works a lot better. It's powered by Google COOP and has some interesting refinements:

-Forums-:____Only return the results from forums and mailling-lists.
Amiga Blogs:_Search blogs.
2006-2007:___Recent results only.
Power Up: ___All of the results, all of the time.


The AMIGA Search Engine

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