Sputnik bounty reached the half way mark.

Date 27-Feb-2007 0:51:45
Topic: hardware OS4

Just two weeks have gone by since the Sputnik webbrowser bounty was made public here on AmigaWorld.net Today we passed the half way mark as we have now collected 1,535.65 EUR for the Sputnik port.

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I know there's still a long way to go but I want to thank the people who already contributed and ask people who haven't to reconsider and do it.
There have been some people who didn't like that their money would be spread to other OS4 projects if we didn't reach the 3050 EUR needed. For them I have changed the terms on the website and will now return the money (minus paypal fees) upon request, should we not reach the needed amount.

We need more donations, so please visit www.amigabounty.net

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