Cloanto Releases Amiga Explorer 2007

Date 1-Mar-2007 1:59:48
Topic: Software News

The Amiga Forever team at Cloanto is pleased to announce the release of Amiga Explorer 2007. The new version of the popular Amiga-PC networking software features dedicated support for Windows Vista and for 64-bit systems, for which a separate package is now available for download.

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Amiga Explorer makes it possible to access the resources (files, disk images, ROMs) of an Amiga computer from the Windows desktop. It is even possible to download ADF disk images on the PC, and drag-and-drop them to an Amiga floppy drive. Amiga Explorer works over a null-modem serial cable, via a Bluetooth dongle attached to the Amiga serial port, or via Ethernet or any other TCP/IP link. The Amiga side can even be installed over the serial cable and run from RAM or floppy. The only requirement is that the Amiga be bootable into a standard Workbench environment (1.2 or higher, also compatible with AmigaOS 4.0 and MorphOS). Professional users who already have a network in place can use Amiga Explorer in parallel with other tools.

The new version of Amiga Explorer 2007, which carries the "Works with Windows Vista" logo, is part of a constant effort of Cloanto to support the latest platforms. Amiga Forever 2006 was designed with Windows Vista support in mind from the beginning, but Amiga Explorer required some extra work, such as development of the 64-bit namespace extension. The MenuBox launcher, which was also originally developed for use in Amiga Forever, was among the first 100 applications worldwide to pass the "Certified for Windows Vista" test, as published by Microsoft last week.

Amiga Explorer 2007 costs $19.95 and is also included in the Plus and Premium editions of Amiga Forever. Upgrades are free to all existing customers, including Amiga Forever users. The software is free to test from the Amiga Explorer Home Page.

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